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How to calculate aspect ratio (AR) of RC Airplane


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What is Aspect Ratio (AR) of RC Airplane
Aspect Ratio (AR) of RC Airplane is Defined as, (Wing Span * Wing Span) / (Wing Area). Aspect Ratio has no units and thus is a dimension-less quantity.
Aspect Ratio = AR = b2/S where, b= Wingspan, S = Wing Area.
Aspect Ratio of an RC Airplane can be used as an indicator to determine the type of RC Airplane. Normally, aerobatic RC Airplanes and RC jets have low aspect Ratio wings in the range of 3-5. Trainer, Park-flyers or Beginner RC Airplanes have moderate Aspect Ratio in the range of 5-8. While, Gliders or Sail-planes have high Aspect Ratio Wings in the range of 8-18. The higher the aspect ratio the wider is the wingspan.