RC Airplane Design

How to Build an RC Airplane Workshop


Remember, good quality RC Airplanes are only made when you have a good quality workshop and tools at your disposal. You may have seen expert models when are finished to perfection. There isn't something magical about these models, but rather there builders have use the proper techniques and tools which make there job cleaner and better than others. So, a good quality work can only be done when you have good quality tools at your disposal and you know proper techniques to best create your models. Good quality work means less wastage of the resources also. Enough of the talk and lets talk about the workshop. What things i need for my workshop to start making RC Airplanes. First, of the all you need the building supplies. Read more on building supplies in below links.
Tools Needed for RC Airplane Workshop

Jig Saw and Scroll Saw
Now, about the tools. First of all a scroll saw or a jig saw is really I'm repeating really useful around in the shop. Get hold of a scroll saw or buy a second handed one. Remember, it would come really handy when you are making rids, fuselage sections, firewalls and so on and while working with plywood and spruce. Remember, if you are using scroll saw for balsa wood be careful about the grain direction as balsa wood is light and gets easily cracked. The same applies to the grain direction of the plywood. Running the scroll saw opposite to the grain direction will crack the wood.

Hand Drill Machine or Portable Drill Machine
Secondly, you should buy a good hand drill. If you can buy a portable one that's great, but a wired one works good too. Another drill that has come up in the market and most expert rc airplanes builders are using this is the small hand drill. The small hand drill has a variety of tools in the set which can be attached to the drill. This drill machine is really useful to create small things and comes really handy when building your rc airplane.

Foam Cutter
If you are working with foam for making your rc airplane you should buy a foam cutter. A foam cutter is used to cut the foam to the profile of the wing or you can create your own foam cutter at home using simple stuff easily available. More coming on foam cutter coming soon on how to make it.

Sanding Blocks and Sand Paper
A good builder also has a variety of sanding blocks at his disposal. These sanding blocks can be variety of shapes and sizes and can easily be profiled into different shapes. These are used to sanding up your rc airplane model. With the help of some glue and sanding paper you can make your own sanding blocks into a variety of shapes and sizes.

Right Triangles
A set of right triangles always come in handy when designing your rc airplane. These help in judging the perpendicular.

Construction Table
A good workshop is not finished with a good size table. A level meter is also helpful. You should put a piece of glass on your table to make the table flat and smooth. This table dimensions should be almost 8 ft in length and 4-5 ft in width which is big enough for making any size of rc airplane. If you have less room available you can choice the appropriate choice as per your needs.

Screw Driver and Clips
Also you would the standard workshop tools. Get hold of screw drivers both big and small ones also the micro screws one which are also helpful some times. A plass also comes in handy. You should have clips available to you in your workshop and pins available to you so you can attach the plan to your table.

Remember, to properly place each item in the workshop this would stop the headache which sometimes some builders face :) and would make your rc airplane building experience more joyful.