RC Airplane Design

How to take care of RC Airplane Propeller


Propellers are one of the most important part of your RC Airplane. Even if you have the best engine you can't fly the airplane without a propeller, right but, propellers are also the most fragile part of your RC Airplanes.
They get easily broken during landing and takeoffs. If they get loose when they attached to the engine. They can easily injure someone because the engine is running at very high rpm's. Most rc airplanes with a tail dragger configuration suffer from broken propellers all too often. Or even if you fly a conventional rc airplane, some debris like stone could easily shatter your propellers.

Checking for Loose Propeller
So, before you start flying your RC Airplane, it is important to keep in mind the following instructions when it comes to rc airplane propellers.

Check if your propeller is not loosely attached to the engine. A loose propeller could easily injure someone or shatter to pieces causing damage to your model airplane.

Checking the Propeller for Debris or Damage
After landing your RC Airplane, check to see if there is any sort of damage on your propeller. If you see that some part of the propeller is broken, has suffered damage from debris you should immediately replace it.

Balancing the Propeller
Properly balance the propeller. You should lift the propeller from the center point to see if either side is heavy or not. A non-balanced propeller won't give you better performance and would bleed out some performance out of your RC Airplane engine. If you see that propeller is not balanced, you can apply paint to either side to make it heavy and balance the propeller. Yes, paint has weight and most modelers use this technique to balance there rc airplane propellers. Remove dust and clean the propeller with a cotton cloth or a fabric before your next flight.