RC Airplane Design

How to take care of RC Airplane Engine


RC Airplane Engines are one of the most important part and costly part of your RC Airplane. Proper care and cleaning of your RC Airplane engine is vital and important for the best possible performance output from you rc airplane.
Before, you start using your RC Airplane engine on your airplane, you should carefully read the rc airplane engine manual. Follow, the manufacturers guide on how to install rc airplane engine. Instructions on how to mount your rc airplane engine on the engine mount. Properly connect all the fuel lines to your rc airplane engine. Install the muffler. Check all screws and bolts to see that everything is tight and secure.

The next step is the break-in of your engine. Break-in refers to the running of the engine without a load. The load in this case would be the aircraft. Instead of attaching your rc airplane engine to your airplane attach your rc airplane engine on a stand and throttle it. Adjust the mixing ratio by turning the mixture knob of your rc airplane engine according to your rc airplane engine manual. Remember, to keep running your rc airplane until your rc engine has utilize a full bottle of fuel (e.g. 10 oz fuel bottle). Remember, this process 2-4 times. This will properly break-in your rc airplane engine and your rc airplane is now ready to be called gas powered rc airplane.

This breaking in process is to be used on newly bought rc engines. After 10-15 flights of your rc airplane, remove your rc airplane engine from the mount. Clean it according to the instructions on the rc engine manual. Also, during your flight, check to see if the muffler is working properly. After, flight check to see if something hasn't broken on your rc airplane engine.