RC Airplane Design

RC Airplane Building Supplies


So you are ready to built your own RC Airplane. Before you started building your dream machine you need to get hold of those all important building supplies. Remember, good quality stuff and importantly at cheap price is important for an RC airplane that should be fun to fly, last a long time and be affordable.
So, what kind of building supplies you would need to start building an RC Airplane. It depends on the type of model you are trying to made. You could either make a model that is made up of wood, you could be either making an rc airplane model that is made up of foam, fiberglass or plastic.

Balsa Wood, Plywood and Spruce
So, first decide which material you would like to choice to build your rc airplane. If your choice of material is wood then there are three kinds of wood that are available at your disposal. These are plywood, balsa wood and spruce. Most of the time plywood and balsa wood are all you need to create the rc airplane structure, wing and empennage (tail) etc but sometimes you would require the use of some hard wood like spruce to add a bit more strength to your model.

In that case, for example if your making a spar for your model you could choose spruce or if you are making dowels you could choice spruce. Dowels are actually wooden rods that are used to attach the wings to the fuselage. Dowels are circular rods in shape and are attached to the leading edge of the wing for the attachment of the wing to the fuselage.

These woods plywood, balsa wood and spruce come in a variety of sizes and widths. These widths are normally 1/32 in, 1/18 in, 3/32 in, 1/8 in, 3/18 in and 1/4 in. Remember, besides these widths which normally represent values available in the market for plywood and balsa wood these come in a range of density. Remember, to choose the density of the wood correctly. A higher density means typically higher weight of the wood which would as a result means a higher weight for your model RC airplanes. Balsa woods normally come in strips or sheets which are normally 3 ft in length and 3-4 in in width. Plywood also come in sheets with different dimensions

Propeller and Spinner
Besides this when you are building your rc airplanes you would need lot more than just wood. You would also need to buy propeller for rc airplane. Remember, to buy a spare propeller for your rc airplane and a propeller spinner which come in both plastic and metallic depending on your choice. A spare propeller always comes in handy as propellers get broken easily during building your rc airplanes during manufacture or flying. Propellers again come in both plastic and wooden category. The choice demands on your likeness of wooden or plastic type. Both perform equally good. Sometimes, people you fly electric rc airplanes prefer to use plastic propellers compare to gas powered rc airplanes you prefer to use wooden propellers. The choice is yours simple as that.

If you already bought a radio control for rc airplane that it already comes with 3-4 servos. Otherwise, you would need to buy extra servos for your rc airplanes. Don't go and buy the biggest and most powerful one for your model airplane. Carefully, make the choice of the servo selection by reading the radio control manual, looking at the size of the airplane, whether you are building a small, medium or large rc airplane and the rc airplane role whether it is aerobatic, trainer or sport. This work will not only save you money, but you will also make an rc airplane that is of less weight too.

Landing Gear and Nose Gear
You will also need to buy landing gear and nose gear for your rc airplanes. These are normally available at rc shops and are made of aluminum. You can also make your own rc airplane landing gear by bending an aluminum rod. You will also need to buy nose wheel and landing wheels. These again come in a variety of sizes and it is your choice to choice the best size for your rc airplane.

Control Rods, Push Rods and Hinges
You would also need to buy control rods or push rods which connect the servo to the control surfaces and are normally made up of nylon. You would also need to buy hinges if you are not using x-ray paper as hinges. Hinges are either made of metal and also come in nylon. Hinges work better than x-ray paper and get hold of them would be useful.

Radio Control Transmitter and Receiver
If you haven't bought a radio control, they come in a variety of channels say 4 channel radio control, 6 channel radio control, 7 channel radio control, 9 channel radio control and 12 channel radio control. Remember, the greater the number of channels the more the cost of the radio control. A 7 channel radio works best for most of the type of rc airplanes. You should buy a 7 channel radio control if you don't have extravagant requirements. Remember to buy a PCM or pulse-code-modulated one as it is new technology and works better than the FM radio controls.

Glues, CA, Masking Tape
Buy spares and plenty of nuts, bolts, masking tape, white glue, sticky glue, CA glue etc. as these things don't cost much and will be useful for your workshop projects. Masking tape is one of the most important items that comes really useful when building your rc airplane so don't forget to get spares for this masking tape as would be using the masking tape more often than you expect. CA glue is the costly of tell all. There may be some alternative of this glue available in the market.

Packaging Foam, Polystyrene Foam
If you would like to make your rc airplane wings out of wood you would need to get hold of the polystyrene foam or packaging foam. These come in a variety of sizes normally a block measures 8 in. in width and 7-8ft in length. Get hold of them or buy cut ones according to your needs.

RC Airplane Covering and Monokote
Monokote is used for covering up your model if you intend not to use paints. Monokote is really easy to apply and come in a variety of colors and design. Buy Monokote according to your design scheme or choice.

RC Airplane Fiberglass
If you would like to use fiberglass for your rc airplanes. Then remember, the fiberglass comes in a variety of weights or densities like 140 gm, 150 gm, 180 gm, 200 gm and so on. Buying a 140 gm or 150 gm fiberglass would work best for your rc airplanes and most builders use this fiberglass for there rc airplane needs. Fiberglass comes in rolls and you can bought them either by weight or by length (in meters). Furthermore, if you are working with fiber glass you would need to buy epoxy and resin. These are glue compounds which are used for making the fiberglass structure that you intend to make.