RC Airplane Design

EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon RC Jet Airplane


The EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon is an electric ducted fan (EDF) radio-controlled jet aircraft based on the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet aircraft. The Eurofighter Typhoon is an advanced combat aircraft build by the European consortium of aircraft companies. The aircraft is one of the very best fighter aircraft in the world and truly lives up to its name. This Eurofighter typhoon rc-jet is equally impressive and boost very high-performance and appeal. This rc-jet is superbly designed and has an excellent finish including decals and painting. This rc-jet is a foamy and is powered by an outrunner brushless motor electric ducted fan unit which propels it to a speed of over 80 mph which is very impressive.

With length less than 30 inches and a weight less than 25 oz. the eurofighter typhoon rc-jet has neither compromised on weight nor on performance. The rc-jet has a 4-channel digital proportional FM PPM compatible radio system. Another thing which i like is that the eurofighter rc-jet has a tough resilient strong structure yet the airframe is light-weight. The euro-fighter rc-jet is a highly impressive park-flyer which can be hand-launched or be can takeoff from the ground. The rc-jet has a conventional landing gear with a nose-gear and a main-gear. The battery used is the Li-polymer battery which resides in the canopy of the rc-jet. Another feature that i liked in this rc-jet is that it enables the rc-jet to be flown at slow-speeds enabling it to be flown by beginner pilots all the way up to the experienced pilots.
Now, let's look at the electronics. The motor is a 4300kV brushless, 30 amp speed controller (ESC), servos high-speed micro's and a Li-polymer battery. The model rc-jet boost a good range of over - just about a kilometer (1000m) and has a 4-channel radio system (transmitter and receiver).

Now, to the fun part, Flying the Eurofighter rc-jet airplane. The eurofighter rc-jet has four controls (ailerons, elevators, rudder, throttle). Ailerons and elevators are mixed so the eurofighter rc-jet has elevons instead of the conventional ailerons and elevators separately. The elevons operate as ailerons when you require the airplane to roll from side to side, to turn right or left and operate as pitch controls when you require the rc-jet to pitch up or pitch down. The rudder control is attached to the steerable nose gear enabling it to be easily handled on the ground. This rc-jet is a high performance, good maneuverability radio-controlled airplane which can easily perform rolls and loops. Using the elevons and the rudder simultaneously you can perform very advanced truly 3d aerobatic maneuvers. You can surely impress many people on the ground. This rc-jet can be flown upside down, so it has a stable inverted flight. I also like the loops it can perform both inside and outside. Furthermore, it also has high-roll rates. This rc-jet can be easily landed or take-off from the ground. This rc-jet can be flown for about 15 minutes or so on one-charge of battery. Truly, fun to fly this jet.