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RC Airplanes, RC Cars, RC Helis and RC Boats in Pakistan


Radio-controlled or rc hobby is becoming increasingly popular day by day in Pakistan. Many people in Pakistan are enjoying the radio-controlled hobby. Many rc clubs and shops have open in Pakistan. Many radio-controlled enthusiasts flying their rc airplanes and rc helicopters (or rc heli's as they are sometimes called) are seen in local radio-controlled clubs. Many different types of rc airplanes and rc helicopters are available in different hobby shops all over Pakistan. Many of them also provide help to building your own rc airplanes. You can also buy the rc airplane kits from the shop and let the shopkeeper assembled it for you. Furthermore, some rc hobby shops are also providing rc-pilot training. This involve training to fly rc-airplanes and rc-helicopters on the simulator. The simulator that is being used for rc-pilot training is the Real Flight G3 RC Airplane simulator. Aerobatic rc airplane flying is one of the most popular hobbies in Pakistan as many people flying in the local rc clubs tend to enjoy alot. Apart from them, many people enjoy rc-cars in Pakistan. Different types of electric and nitro on and off-road cars are available in the local market and shops. Many different types of rc-boats and rc-jets are also available in Pakistan. Aeromodelling or RC Airplane building from scratch has also become a very popular hobby in Pakistan. Many universities regularly organize rc airplane building and flying competitions. These are known as Design, Build and Fly Competition where students build their own rc airplanes and aircrafts and fly across the course. Let's look at some of the local rc shops in Pakistan where rc airplanes, rc cars, rc Helis and rc boats are available.

RC Shops in Pakistan
These shops offer rc airplanes, rc helicopters, rc jets, rc cars and rc-boats. The price range of these products may range from Rs. 10,000 all the way upto Rs. 70-80,000. Furthermore, different types of radio systems for radio-control including 3,4,5,6,7 channel radio controls transmitter and receiver are available in these shops. These shops also provide rc airplane building supplies, tools as well as other hobby related items. Normally, the price of these products are higher as they are normally imported from other countries. If you wish to buy a rc-car or a simple rc-boat you are in luck. Many toy shops in Pakistan have a large variety of rc-cars ranging from electric sports cars to trucks and jeeps are readily available in the market at an affordable price. The price range of these products range between Rs. 500 to Rs. 2500.

Hobby Lobby (Lahore, Pakistan)
Hobby Lobby is one of the largest hobby shops in Pakistan. Most other rc shops buys supplies from them. You can be sure to find the latest stuff in rc airplanes, rc helicopters, rc cars and rc boats from them. They have grown to become to become the largest supplier of rc products to rc enthusiasts in Pakistan. The shop is located in Lahore which is one of the big cities involved in rc hobby and radio-controlled activities in Pakistan.
Address: Hobby Lobby, Shop No. 29, Center Point, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan.
Phone No: +92-042-5764234

Aero Hobby (Lahore, Pakistan)
Aero Hobby in Lahore is another hobby shop in Lahore which specializes in selling rc airplanes and rc helicopters. The shop has a good collection of rc airplanes, aircrafts, rc jets and rc helis. Another service aero hobby provides is that they also build your rc airplane model on request so if you want to build your own rc airplane you can hire them to build it for you. Furthermore, most people also take advantage of the kit assembly service that Aero Hobby provides. People buy the kit and let Aero Hobby guys assemble the kit. Aero Hobby charges for the assembly of kits. Furthermore, they also provide repair services for rc airplanes and rc flying training on request. The contact person at Aero-Hobby is Mr. Muhammad Nawaz
Address: Aero Hobby, Central Plaza, Barkat Market, Lahore.
Phone No: +92-042-5885982 Mob Number: 0300-4264894

Flying Hawks (Lahore, Pakistan)
Flying Hawks is another rc airplanes and rc helicopter shop in Lahore, Pakistan. The hobby shops has different kinds of rc aircrafts and jets both electric and engine-powered. The shops provides rc airplane tools and accessories to local rc enthusiasts and rc clubs in Lahore. The flying Hawks are also known as Hawk Flying Model.
Address: Flying Hawks, First Floor, Babar Plaza, Khusa Mahal, Liberty Market, Lahore.
Phone No: +92-042-5751384

Flash Models (Lahore, Pakistan)
Flash models provides different types of rc airplanes kits, rc aircrafts, rc jets and rc helis. The shop caters for the local rc airplane enthusiasts in Lahore and offers other radio-controlled accessories and tools.
Address: Shop No. 10-F, Raja Center, Main Boulevard, Gulberg, Lahore.
Phone No: +92-042-5751384 Mob Number: 0300-4243548

Xtreme Machines (Lahore, Pakistan)
Xtreme Machines has a very large workshop where they can build any type of rc airplane or aircraft. The workshop is used for rc airplane model manufacturing and building. The workshop has CNC (computer numeric control) machines where they can make any type of rc model. The Xtreme Machines workshop also provides rc airplane repair services. The contact person is Mr. Imran
Address: Xtreme Machines, E-88/4C DHA Main Boulevard, opposite MCB Bank, Lahore.
Mob Number: 0321-4115158

Hobby World (Karachi, Pakistan)
Hobby World is another shop that offers rc airplanes, cars and boats in Karachi. The shop caters and provides different rc airplanes and helicopters in Karachi. Most rc enthusiasts living in the DHA area buys products from them. The shop has also a good collection of rc jets and rc airplane kits. The shop is operated by Mr. Ahad Wali.
Address: Shop # 2, Plot 9-C, Sunset Lane 1, South Park Avenue, Phase II Extension, DHA, Karachi
Phone No: +92-021-5882292 Mob Number: 0300-8244320

Hobby Trac (Karachi, Pakistan)
Like the shop in Islamabad, Hobby Trac also has got a shop in Karachi. The Hobby Trac is Karachi is the main branch of hobby Trac and it's the head office. The shop is a bigger one and supplies rc airplanes, rc cars, rc helicopters and rc-boats in Karachi. The shop also has a good collection of radio-control transmitter and receiver systems, servos, engines both electric and glow plugs as well as a large number of rc accessories and tools. The shop supplies rc products to rc enthusiasts in Karachi and local flying clubs there.
Address: B-2/1, Abid Square, Block 7, F.B.Area, Karachi-75950.
Phone No: +92-021-6320643 Mob Number: 0300-8241977

Hobby Trac (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Hobby Trac is the only rc shop in Islamabad which is involved in radio-controlled stuff. The shop is a small one but has got a good collection of rc airplanes, cars and boats. This rc shop provides radio-controlled products, tools and accessories to an increasing number of rc enthusiasts in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The shop also provide training to fly rc airplanes using the simulator. The cost of the rc airplane flying training is about Rs.2000 or so. Hobby Trac also provide facility to make your own custom rc airplane. Many students make their airplanes at this shop. The prices for a custom airplane can be anywhere between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 40000. The shop has a reasonable collection of rc airplanes, cars and boats and prices are reasonable. You can also hire the shop owner "Baksheesh" to fly your own airplane that you have build.
Address: Hobby Trac, Umer Plaza Basement, Block 13F, Near Ali Medical Center, Sector F-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
Phone: +92-051-2851806 Mob Number: 0300-5359598

Fly and Spy (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
Fly and Spy also known as Art-Tech Hobbies is the only rc shop in Rawalpindi. The shop has a good collection of rc airplanes and rc aircrafts. The shop also sell small and medium size electric rc helis and rc jets. Some, rc-boats are also available from this shop. The shop also sell rc airplane kits and other radio-controlled tools and accessories. The shop is located in Saddar, Rawalpindi. If you are looking for radio-control camcorder, night vision camera, CCD cameras for your rc airplane or rc heli you can also find it from this shop. Be careful, of the prices though :).
Address: Shop No. 16/A Majeed Plaza Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi
Phone No: +92-051-5700480 Mob Number: 0301-5669122

RC Airplane Clubs in Pakistan
RC Airplane Hobby is a hobby that is being growing at an exponential rate in Pakistan. Many people in different cities of Pakistan are enjoying flying their rc airplanes and rc aircrafts at local clubs. Furthermore, most people also enjoy fly rc helicopters. Many people can be seen at local hobby clubs and parks in different cities of Pakistan flying their rc airplanes and rc helis. Most people enjoy rc aerobatic flying and many people also bring their family and friends to see them flying. Local rc clubs are also beginning to organize events and activities amongst its members to promote rc airplane hobby in Pakistan. The advent of Aeromodelling in Pakistan has also a cause to the growing interest of people in rc airplane activities. Many top universities of the country most especially Institute of Space Technology, IST, Islamabad has being at the fore-front of developing rc airplanes and UAV's from scratch. Furthermore, many universities are also organizing Design, Build and Fly Competition to promote Aeromodelling in Pakistan. The most notable of this is the GIK DBFC competition held annually. The number of clubs in Pakistan relating to rc airplanes and radio-control in general are increasing day by day. At present, major rc airplane clubs are located in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad. Many other people from all over Pakistan also enjoy flying their rc airplanes and rc cars and boats at different parks, seas and rivers. The membership fee of these rc airplane club is on an annual rate with discount to as much as 50% are available to student members.

Islamabad RC Flying Club (Islamabad, Pakistan)
The Islamabad RC Flying Club is located in F-9 Fatima Jinnah Park Islamabad. The RC club is famous among its members for rc airplanes although you can see many members also flying their rc helicopters and even driving their rc trucks and rc buggies. The terrain of the flying club is grassy where a runway is made for rc airplane to land and takeoff. Although the runway can be improved you can easily takeoff and land if you have sufficient clearance from ground. Many people can be seen on Saturday and Sunday enjoying flying their rc airplanes. A good feature of this RC Flying club is that it provides shelter or tents where you can safely store your rc airplane over night. As the club is only open during day hours and there is no lighting in the night the members can only enjoy flying their rc airplanes during the day hours. Most popular in the rc flying club is rc aerobatic flying. Many people love to show off their rc airplanes and rc gliders during flight. People do all kinds of aerobatic maneuvers on their rc airplanes including outside and inside loops, rolls, banks, stall turn, inverted flight etc. The visibility is good in this rc flying club and space is sufficient to allow easy flying. But be careful, while landing your rc airplane as the ground is a bit bumpy and you can easily lose a propeller of your rc aircraft. The Islamabad RC Flying Club is the only flying club in Islamabad where you can fly your rc helis or rc airplanes.
Membership: Membership Fee for joining the Islamabad RC Flying Club is Rs. 2000 per year. A 50% discount is available for students who wish to join the rc club.
Address: Islamabad RC Flying Club, F-9 Fatima Jinnah Park, Islamabad.
Directions: Enter the F-9 Park form the 9th Avenue ( the road between the sectors F-8 and F-9, Islamabad).

Bahria Town Flying Club (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
The Bahria Town is a radio-controlled rc flying club in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The club is located in the phase-8 Bahria Town. The club is one of the flying clubs in Rawalpindi where you can fly rc airplanes and rc helicopters. People mostly fly electric rc airplanes assembled from kits. Also popular are small electric helis which people love to fly. Saturday and Sunday are days where lots of people fly their rc airplanes at the Bahria Town flying club. Most popular among the members if aerobatic flying.
Address: Bahria Town Flying Club, Bahria Town, Phase-8, G.T Road, Rawalpindi.

Cloud Climbers (Faisalabad, Pakistan)
Cloud Climbers is the only rc flying club in Faisalabad. The club promotes rc airplane flying and rc helicopter flying. Most popular among the cloud climbers rc flying club members are aerobatic flying. People mostly fly there electric rc airplanes assembled from kits. Some people also fly gas-powered rc airplanes.
Address: Cloud Climbers, RC Flying Club, Faisalabad.

Hobby World RC Flying Club (Karachi, Pakistan)
Hobby World RC flying club is a flying club in Karachi where members have the opportunity to fly rc airplanes and rc helicopters. The rc flying club is associated with the Hobby World shop located in defense housing society DHA, Karachi and so is this club. Most members prefer to fly aerobatic maneuvers on their rc airplanes. RC helicopters flying is also becoming popular in Karachi flying club.
Address: Plot No.9C, Sunset Lane 1, Phase II Extension, DHA, Karachi

Miniature Aircraft Association Lahore MAAL (Lahore, Pakistan)
MAAL or Miniature Aircraft Association Lahore is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote Aeromodelling in Pakistan. The MAAL is located in Lahore and upon membership, member receive a training manual which guides the member of MAAL through the training process which will enable him to fly safely his rc airplane on solo flight. Furthermore, MAAL provides other documents that will enable you to find contacts and links. The members of MAAL can help you in model flying and flight training. This association promotes that people should take interest in Aeromodelling. New rc airplane designers are encouraged to build their own flying rc airplanes from scratch and fly them. MAAL also wishes to increase awareness of people about Aeromodelling, what it is.. and how you can enjoy this very interesting hobby of rc airplane design and flying.
Membership: Regular Membership fee (Rs. 3000/annum)
Student Membership fee (Rs. 1500/annum)
Kinship (Rs. 500/annum) for spouses and children of regular members.
Club Entry Fee: Along with the membership fee you must pay a club entry fee of Rs. 1000
Address: MAAL, Behind Kot Lukhput Industrial Zone, Lahore.