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Enzo Ferrari RC Electric Sports Racing Car


The Enzo Ferrari is a high-speed street racing radio-controlled sports rc-car which packs a real punch in terms of performance, style and speed. With a length of slightly less than 16 in and a weight of less than 2.5 lb the ferrari rc-car is a shaft driven, four wheel drive 4WD monster. The ferrari rc-car is based on the Enzo Ferrari sports car developed by the legendary car manufacturer Ferrari. This car was known to be the fastest car in the world at the time it was manufactured. Only a few hundred of them were manufactured but it boots the same high-tech technology straight from the formula 1 sports car circuit.

The design of this ferrari rc-car is also impress. The car boosts a scale appearance and is colored black. The decals and coverings also looks nice. This ferrari rc-car is powered by a RC-540 motor which enables it to achieve a speed of over 40 mph quite impressive. The another thing that is good about this rc-car is the sturdy and strong monocoque structure which is quite resilient and strong and protects the car in case of accidental impact. Also, the front and rear bumpers also help to guard against accidental impact or collision with the wall. The suspension is also good in this car. At such a high speed, you need to have a good suspension system otherwise, the rc-car will just be torn to pieces after a few minutes. So, this ferrari rc-car also boosts good front and rear suspension system which helps it to stay safe and firmly on the ground at high speed or bumpy surface. Travelling at high speed you also need to have good brakes. Offcorse, you want to stop the car before it hit something and you are left wondering what wrong happened. The car has equally impressive brakes which works great with the high-speed this rc-car provides. The brakes are full-disc brakes which responds quickly when called upon. The ferrari rc-car also has oil filled dampers for smooth ride and performance. Another thing that i liked about this rc-car is that the battery is mounted snugly in the middle known as mid-dhip mounted. This enables the rc-car to be balanced properly so that equal weight lands on both the front and the rear tires.

Now, let's talk about the motor. As mentioned the motor is a RC-540 motor which is very good motor for high-speed street racing radio-control circuit. This is controlled by a 3-speed electronic speed controller system. The ferrari rc-car also has a 6.2:1 gear ratio which means that for one revolution of the motor the drive-shaft will turn around by 6.2 revolutions. The tires are good and sturdy for street racing and the battery used is Ni-Cad.

Driven this rc-car is real easily. The 3-speed motor control enables this rc-car to be taken through its paces with ease. The ground clearance is 0.2 inches which is okay but i would have probably wanted more from the road clearance. This enables this rc-car to be raced on smooth, clean roads with no-bumps. This car is a impressive racer and has a pistol-grip radio remote controller with an antenna. The ferrari rc-car is an electric ready-to-run (RTR) sports racing radio-controlled car. Fully assembled the car can be raced by taking it out of the box. This is a truly awesome machine and one of the best radio-control racing car in the market.