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Aerodynamics Softwares

These Softwares are used for Subsonic, Supersonic, Transonic, Hypersonic flow regimes and Compressible and Incompressible Flow. These Aerodynamics Softwares are used in Aerospace Engineering and Design applications


JavaFoil is a subsonic airfoil design and analysis software that finds out a panel method solution and is able to carry out a boundary layer calculation.



TSFoil2 is a transonic airfoil analysis program made by NASA Ames and is able to solve the transonic small disturbance equation using the finite difference methods.



Pablo is a Subsonic Airfoil Design and Analysis software that stands for "Potential Airflow around Boundary layers coupled one-way" is a Matlab program for airfoil design and analysis.


MS Aximer Aerodynamics

MS Aximer free Aerodynamics program is able to ,

  • Continuity Equation (Incompressible Flow and Compressible Flow)
  • Bernoulli's Equation
  • Calculate Pressure at Exit of Convergent Duct
  • Isentropic Flow Calculation
  • Calculate Velocity at Throat and Exit and Area at Throat and Exit (Supersonic Wind Tunnel)
  • Calculate Airflow Velocity at the test section (Subsonic Wind Tunnel)
  • Calculate True Velocity and Equivalent Airspeed of an airplane
  • Calculate Reservoir Pressure, Temperature area ratio for supersonic wind tunnel
  • Calculate Pressure, temperature and density at the stagnation point
  • Calculate Velocity at exit and mass flow through the nozzle
  • Calculate Velocity at a point on an airfoil
  • Calculate Mach Number
  • Calculate Mach Number of the flow at the nozzle and exit
  • Calculate True and Calibrated Airspeed
  • Calculate Pressure measured by a Pitot Tube
  • Calculate Boundary layer thickness at trailing edge, Drag force on plate (laminar and turbulent flow)
  • Calculate local shear stress in the flow direction (laminar and turbulent flow)


Planform Analysis

Planform Analysis is a basic-language based program that carries out the basic geometry for aerodynamics.


Simple Lifting Line Theory

Simple Lifting Line Theory is a simple Fortran based code that solves the Prandtl lifting line theory using the monoplane equation.


Induced Drag for Single Planar Wing

Induced Drag for a single planar wing is a computer program that uses spanload distribution to calculate the induced drag for a single planar wing.


Induced Drag for Non-planar Lifting elements

This computer program is able to calculate the induced drag fro non-planar lifting elements.



Minimum Drag and Area Distribution (MinDrag) is a computer program that calculates the minimum value for supersonic wave drag.



AWave is a Harris wave drag computation code.



VLMpc is a Vortex lattice design and analysis program developed at the NASA langely.



Tornado is a vortex lattice analysis code and is a vortex lattice program written in Matlab.


AVL (Extended Vortex Lattice)

AVL (Extended Vortex Lattice) or AVL shortly is a very powerful and useful vortex lattice program that can handle a wide variety of geometries and shapes.


XFoil 6.9

XFoil is a subsonic airfoil analysis and design software that is very powerful and useful for airfoil design and analysis. It also includes viscous effects (of airfoils) and can be used in inverse mode to find out the required geometry by inputting in the pressure distribution. Xfoil author Prof. Mark Drela is also the author of AVL vortex lattice program.



Arrow calculates the aerodynamic center, drag due to lift and the lift curve slope of wings at supersonic speeds.


Aerocal Pak 1

Aerocal Pak # 1 is a basic program that calculates the basic aerodynamic relations.



MaxRamp is a fortran program which calculates the maximum deflection angle of obligue shockwaves.



Turbsf is a fortran program which calculates the turbulent skin friction.



Zonatech develops software with specialization and experience in structural dynamics, aerodynamics and Aeroelasticity.





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