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NASA Phoenix Mars Lander Successful Landing on Mars

NASA on Monday announced that the Phoenix Mars Lander has successful land on the Mars surface near the north pole of mars. This comes as a relief since only 5 of the previous 11 missions to land on mars have resulted in a success. The MARS Phoenix team from NASA were excited at the way the landing had proceeded and the whole mission center erupted in cheers of joy with the successful confirmation from the Mars Phoenix Rover....


Space Serpents Myth or Reality

Space Serpents are not a mythical creature but creatures that are believed to be living in the upper atmosphere. Are they a reality? Do something like a space serpents really exist? How do they live? What do they eat? Although, we don't know all the answers but footage from Space Shuttle missions and other ground footage show some kind of thing wobbling around in the upper atmosphere. Although, NASA and other scientist deny their existence but what about all the video proof spurning about them all over the world.....


Is it the End of F-117A Stealth Fighter

Technology advance with a unique technology - STEALTH made the F-117A stealth fighter famous all over the world. During the gulf war, it showed its lethal power as it easily penetrated the Iraqi airspace. But what about a more technology potent rival like Russia or Europe?. Would the F-117A stealth fighter be able to penetrate their airspace without detection. With the arrival of F-22A Raptor and JSF, both with supersonic flight capability, stealth and air-to-air combat capability not available in F-117A, the future looks bleak for the world's first stealth fighter.....


How to Become a Rocket Scientist

If you have the passion and desire to become a rocket scientist, there are excellent opportunities available to enter in the field of aerospace engineering and research. You would an excellent career in research and development, you will be able to work on national and international projects relating to space and you would feel really proud telling your friends and colleagues that you are a rocket scientist. Ever heard, the phrase “this isn’t rocket science” or “you ain’t a rocket science”. You can see that rocket science is associated with the cutting edge in scientific and engineering research so being a rocket scientist you are seen as the best engineer or scientist in the world. That’s just really something. It is a feeling that you can’t buy.....




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