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Aerospace Related Questions and Answers

Here you can find answers to questions relating to Aerospace, Aviation, Engineering and more..


Question: Can you work on Aerospace related Projects if you have a major in Mechanical Engineering

Projects on aircraft structures, hydraulic pneumatic systems of aircrafts, landing gear systems, wing spar structural design, aircraft engines and propulsion and many more are a vast array of fields in both commercial and defense aerospace industry where you can work on these and many more aerospace related projects having a major in Mechanical Engineering....


Question: How to start and what to do as a freshman in high school to become Aerospace Engineer in future

If you are like who would like to make space shuttles, airplanes, rockets and missiles then you should look to become an Aerospace engineer. If you are a freshman in high school looking to become an Aerospace engineer in future you should focus on mathematics and physics.....


Question: Are Aerospace Engineers often out of job

It is not all true that Aerospace Engineers are often out of a job. Most of the Aerospace Engineers jobs are present in the government sector and defense research organizations.....


Question: What are the courses that deal with Satellites in Aerospace Engineering

There are a number of courses that directly or indirectly deals with satellites like Orbital Mechanics, Control Systems, Navigation, AOCS (Attitude and Control System) and Propulsion.....


Question: What are the benefits of Aerospace Engineering

You can design and work on Airplanes, Fighter jets, Space shuttle, rockets, space launch vehicles, race cars, Jet engines, helicopters, space stations, lunar probes, interplanetary probes, rovers, landers and many more......


Question: Which is the best Aerospace Engineering University in the World

I must say that the best aerospace engineering university in the world is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Purdue University also has a world-class aerospace engineering program and is ranked as the best and top university from which aerospace and defense organizations hire in the US......


Question: What is a good resource for finding an Aerospace Engineering Jobs

Having a degree in Aerospace Engineering the next step is to find a job. If you wish to work in the private industry in Aerospace you can use a number of resources,

  • You can use the internet to search jobs directly in your field using search but this obviously is tough and the results ain’t that impressive.
  • You can attend school and college fairs......


Question: What is the best paying Aerospace Engineering Career and how much Aerospace Engineers are paid

Since, Aerospace Engineering is a specialized field Aerospace engineers are often paid more than other engineers like Mechanical Engineering. Also, the amount of money (dollars) you are paid also depend upon the qualification and experience you have. The higher the qualification and the experience the more money you earn in your Aerospace engineering career.....


Question: What is the difference between Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is a sub-branch of Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace Engineering is the science and engineering of flying vehicles operating within and outside of the earth’s atmosphere while Aeronautical engineering is the science and engineering of flying vehicles operating within the Earth’s atmosphere only like aircrafts.......


Question: Would getting a doctorate degree in Aerospace Engineering be enough to become an Astronaut

Getting a doctorate degree in Aerospace Engineering would do you no good if you wish to become an astronaut. Building space-shuttles and space stations is different from flying them. If you wish to build space-shuttle and space station you should get a doctorate degree or master level degree in Aerospace engineering.......


Question: What kind of Mathematics is involved in Aerospace Engineering

Mathematics courses like Calculus-1, Calculus-2, Differential Equations, PDE’s, Numerical Methods, Probability and Random Variables and Linear Algebra are part of Aerospace engineering curriculum........


Question: Which is the best Accredited Aerospace College or University in the United States (US)

In the United States the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) is responsible for the accreditation of the engineering programs. In the United States, the best accredited aerospace university is Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach campus).......


Question: What is the difference between an Aeronautical Engineer and an Aerospace Engineer

In order to understand the difference looks at the definition of Aerospace and Aeronautics. Aerospace is a broader science including aeronautics and astronautics and is the study of flying vehicles operating within and outside of the earth’s atmosphere. Aeronautics is the study of flying vehicles operating within the earth atmosphere.......


Question: Any information on Aerospace in Fontana, CA

There are a small number of companies dealing with aerospace in Fontana CA. One is Inland Aerospace Company located at Beach Avenue, Fontana CA 92335 which makes parts for government and private planes. Another company called Fontana Machine and engineering also make certain aircraft parts......


Question: What is the most affordable areas to work in Airline and Aerospace Jobs in United States

The most affordable areas to work in airline and aerospace jobs is Dallas, Texas. Here American airlines and southwest airlines are based. It is also very affordable as no state income tax is there......


Question: Which is the best school to study Aerospace Engineering in the United States US

The best school or university to study Aerospace engineering in the US is the Purdue University which offers a good mix of technical and academic know-how of aerospace engineering. Furthermore, Purdue University has been ranked as the top university from where the government and private companies employ aerospace engineers.....


Question: Is there any place to work as an Aerospace Engineer in Canada

Canada is a major research and development center in the field of Aerospace. There are a number of companies in Canada where aerospace engineers can work. Some of them are Bombardier Aerospace, Diamond Air, Pratt and Whitney Canada, Rolls Royce Canada, Air Canada, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada, Eurocopter Canada......


Question: How to become an Astronaut without studying Aerospace Engineering

If you wish to become an astronaut and don’t wish to study aerospace engineer you don’t need to. All you have to do is to join the Airforce and become a fighter pilot. NASA recruits top pilots from the Airforce to fly the shuttle on its missions.


Question: Which city is better to develop a career in Aerospace Engineering, Houston or San Diego

San Diego is obviously the better choice as there are a large number of companies dealing in aerospace engineering there. For example, Northrop Grumman, Pratt and Whitney, United Technologies, Boeing and many more. Furthermore, there are good aerospace universities there including University of California in San Diego (UCSD) and the San Diego State University (SDSU)......


Question: Is it hard to become an Aerospace Engineer

Yes, its hard work to become an Aerospace engineer. But just like any other course engineering is hard work. But, Aerospace engineering is much more exciting and rewarding. It is very interesting subject and great learning opportunities are available in both learning and research. It takes 4 years to complete a bachelor degree in Aerospace engineer. You can also complete it in 5 years if you wish to lighten up the load......





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