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Aerospace and Aviation in Alabama, AL

The major cities of aerospace activities in Alabama, United States are Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, Auburn and Tuskegee.

Four Aerospace Engineering universities are present in Alabama offering aerospace engineering courses and doing aerospace research. The four universities are,


  • University of Alabama in Huntsville, (UAH)
  • University of Alabama (UA)
  • Auburn University
  • Tuskegee University


Aerospace Companies in Huntsville, Alabama

The Aerospace companies located in Huntsville, Alabama are,


  • Aerojet General Corporation
  • Aerospatial Technologies, Inc
  • Allen Research Corporation
  • Alliant Techsystems Inc
  • Arero Space Product
  • Aviation and Missile Solution LLc


Aerospace Companies in Birmingham, Alabama

The Aerospace Companies located in Birmingham, Alabama are,


  • Aero Vulcan, LLc
  • A Z tech LLc




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