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Aerospace and Aviation in Canada

Canada is one of the leading countries in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace in Canada has grown vastly and now Canada's Aerospace industry builds and manufactures aircrafts, aviation products and services, defense and space systems.


Introduction to Canadian Aerospace

It should also be noted that, many aerospace engineers and rocket scientists that worked on the Apollo program were Canadian so Canadian have a rich history in the field of aerospace engineering. Aerospace in Canada is basically knowledge driven with emphasis on research and development been made in different sectors.


Canada's Aerospace industry conducts research in the design, manufacturing and performance of air as well as the space systems and vehicles. Much work in different aerospace fields like structures, aerodynamics, flight control and gas-turbines are also been carried out through collaboration with industry and academia.


Canada also has very good aerospace engineering universities which are offering undergraduate as well as graduate and PhD programs in Aerospace engineering. Mostly specializing in Aerospace engineering in Canada is available in Aerodynamics, Propulsion, Aircraft Structures and Flight Control. These specializations closely match the work done in Canadian aerospace industries.


Major centers and companies working in the field of Aerospace and Aerospace Engineering are housed in Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta. Many other small companies and setup related to aerospace can also be found in other cities of Canada.


Canadian Aerospace Engineering Undergraduate and Graduate University Programs


Canada has world class aerospace engineering universities offering aerospace engineering degree programs at undergraduate and graduate level. The universities also offer different diplomas in aerospace engineering in Canada. Many international students have chosen Canadian universities to carry out undergraduate and graduate studies in Canadian universities because of very good teaching standards and excellent collaboration with industry and academia. It can also be seen that, many students get internships in different companies

when they are doing there aerospace degree programs and thus get employed after graduation. Since, there is a global shortage of aerospace engineering especially in North America Aerospace engineering graduates from Canada will not find it hard to get a job in different Aerospace companies in Canada as well as the United States.


See List of Aerospace Engineering Schools and Universities in Canada


Aerospace Companies - Aircraft Companies - Aviation Companies in Canada


Canada is one of the very important player in aerospace in the world. Aerospace has grown steadily during the years in Canada and now many companies which specialize in aerospace components and subsystem design, aircraft companies and aviation companies have sprung up in Canada. Many aviation services and aviation parts manufacturers can also be found in Canada.


There is also research work been done in Aerospace Engineering at the national level more specially at the NRC Institute of Aerospace Research which carriers out research on different air and space vehicles and systems. It can also be seen that the Canadian government is working hard to bring more investment in Aerospace sector and portrays this aerospace

sector as one of the finest in the world and tries to attract investment through  a commitment to research and development.


There is also a Aerospace industries Association of Canada which is basically a non-profit trade association which promotes the market share for aerospace goods and services from Canada. Many aerospace companies are part of this association and this association works to protect Canadian aerospace sector competitiveness.


List of Aerospace Companies and Aerospace Jobs in Canada

Many aerospace companies and aerospace jobs are available in Canada. Most aerospace companies are located in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia to name a few. Most of these companies have many jobs been available in different sectors due to a large growth in aerospace industry in general.


Aerospace Companies in Quebec, Canada

·         Bombardier Inc.

·         Rolls Royce Canada Ltd.

·         Air Canada

·         Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd.


Aerospace Companies in Ontario, Canada

·         Eurocopter Canada Ltd.

·         Found Aircraft Canada Ltd.

·         Bell Canada

·         Vector Aerospace Corporation

·         Nav Canada

·         Aerospatiale Canada Inc.

·         Custom Flight Ltd.


Aerospace Companies in Nova Scotia, Canada

·         Jazz Air Inc.


Aerospace Companies in Alberta, Canada

·         Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd

·         Innovative Wings Inc.

·         Airdyne R & D Inc


Aerospace Companies in British Columbia, Canada

·         Cominco Engineering Services Ltd

·         Guardian Helicopters Ltd

·         Bell Canada




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