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Aircraft Design and Analysis Softwares

These softwares are used for the Conceptual Aircraft Design and Analysis. Some of these softwares are also capable of making 3D Aircraft Design CAD drawings. The softwares can also be used for analysis purposes and for designing new aircrafts.


Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA)

Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) is one of the best preliminary aircraft design and analysis software made by Dar corporation. Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) is a aircraft design and aircraft stability and control analysis software with many advance features. The AAA software can be used to carry out weight sizing and estimation, aerodynamics, stability and control calculations of the aircraft. Other Advanced Aircraft Analysis (AAA) software features include performance analysis, structural loads, aircraft structure calculations, propulsion and cost-analysis study of the aircraft.


RDS Integrated Aircraft Design and Analysis

RDS is an Aircraft Design and analysis software which enables the rapid design of aircraft by using the conceptual approach. A new 3-D CAD module in the RDS software enables to draw the aircraft in 3D and enables rapid creation and modification of aircraft and spacecraft components. RDS is a very good aircraft design and analysis software with many features for both students and professionals.


Nicolai's Aircraft Sizing Program

The Nicolai's Aircraft sizing program can be used for the sizing of the aircraft. It implements the Nicolai's aircraft sizing algorithm and can calculate aircraft takeoff gross weight and empty weight.


Skin Friction / Form Drag Calculation of an Aircraft

This FORTRAN written program is able to calculate the skin friction and form drag of an Aircraft.


Aircraft Conceptual Design Code JKayVLM

JKayVLM has a collection of codes useful for aircraft conceptual design purposes / phase. It gives the ability to provide a rough estimates of the stability and control derivatives of an aircraft.


Aircraft Lateral Dimensional Analysis LDstab

LDstab is a program that can be used to find out the aircraft characteristics by carrying out the lateral dimensional analysis of the aircraft as well as the lateral stability and control derivatives estimation.


Stability and Control Estimation Code Digital DOTCOM

Digital DOTCOM is a powerful program that can be used for the stability and control derivatives calculation / estimation even at supersonic speeds.



Takeoff2 is a program that can be used to calculate the takeoff distance of the aircraft.



Piano an industry standard system for commercial aircraft analysis and competitor aircraft evaluation. Piano is used for aircraft design and analysis especially commercial aircrafts.





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