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Airfoil Softwares

These Softwares are used for Airfoil plotting, Airfoil Design and Analysis, Airfoil Lift, Drag and Moment Calculation, Cl, Cd, Cm, Cl/Cd calculation at the quater-cord point. Free Airfoil Design and Plotting software. 3D wing analysis and design softwares and Softwares for RC Airplane wing and airfoil design.


Roncz Eppler Airfoil Program

Roncz is a free Eppler Airfoil Program with compressibility Corrections.



Foilgen is a software program which allows the user to construct NACA 4 digit and 5 digit aifoil sections / geometries.



XFoil is a very useful Free Low Reynolds number airfoil design and analysis code written by Mark Drela. Xfoil is a very famous airfoil analysis software whose data can be used to draw pressure profile plots, lift, drag, moment coefficient airfoil plots and more. Xfoil is also a very useful airfoil design code.



LadsonPc is a software program which allows the user to construct NACA 6 digit and 6A digit airfoil sections / geometries.



Macfoil is an airfoil plotting software for model airplane uses. It can also generate foam-cutting templates, entry and exit ramps, washin and washout angles.


Foils 4.2f

Foils 4.2f is a free airfoil software for the manipulation and the plotting of airfoils.



Compufoil3D (Airfoil Template Plotting Modification System) is a very useful and powerful airfoil template design software. Compufoil3D can be used to built foam wings, build-up wings (balsa wings or plywood wings), leading edge shapes and guides as well as different planforms.


Airfoil Design Workshop

Aifoil Design Workshop is a software by TDM which can be used by aircraft designers and aircraft modelers to make there own aircraft plans. The software can be used for plotting and modifying airfoil shapes. Airfoil files can be exported as .DXF to be used in all popular CAD programs. Multiple airfoils can be blended to make an hybrid airfoil.


Desktop Aero

Desktop Aeronautics provides airfoil design and analysis software used for RC Airplane wing design. Also offers LinAir software for evaluation of wing planforms.


MH Aerotools

Martin Hepperle provides different airfoils tools and a program to convert airfoil co-ordinates in different formats. MH also provides different airfoil analyzing codes and software tools.



Profili2 is a very powerful and useful airfoil analysis and design program which can be used for finding out the lift, drag, moment, Cl/Cd plots of different airfoils, airfoil drawing and managing at different Reynolds number. Profili2 is an airfoil analysis software program.


Wing Designer Plus

Wing designer plus is a software for conceptual design of aircraft or glider wings or model aircraft wings.



Winfoil is a Aeronautical Design software for the designing and analysis of model aircrafts.


Visual Foil

Visual Foil by Hanley Innovations is an airfoil and wing design and analysis software.




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