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 Calculate Velocity at Exit Mass Flow Through the Nozzle

 Method to Calculate the Velocity at Exit and the Mass Flow throught the Nozzle of a Rocket Engine.





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How to Calculate the Velocity at Exit and Mass Flow through the Nozzle

In order to calculate the velocity at exit and the mass flow through the nozzle we consider the combustion chamber of a rocket engine.



For this purpose, we require,

The temperature, T0 in Kelvin

The pressure, P0 in atm

Specific Gas Constant, R value in J/kg.K

The value of the air constant, gamma.

The pressure at Exit of the rocket nozzle in atm

The throat area of the Rocket Nozzle in m^2.


We assume that, the Mach number at the throat is M*=1


Performing the calculation computes the value of the Temperature at Exit, Te from where the speed of sound at the exit is calculated and Mach number at the exit of the rocket engine is calculated. Using this information we can now calculate the Velocity at the Exit of the Rocket nozzle in m/s.


In order to calculate the mass flow, the throat Temperature T* is computed, from where we can calculate the Speed of the sound at the throat and using the equation of the continuity we compute, the mass flow through the nozzle in kg/s.

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