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 Calculate Maximum Velocity for Single Engine Propeller Airplane

 Method to Compute the Maximum Velocity for Single Engine Propeller Driven Airplane





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Maximum Velocity Vmax for Single Engine Propeller Airplane

In order to calculate the Maximum Velocity for Single Engine Propeller Airplane we need to have different parameters.



We need to have the following parameters,


The Wing span in feet.

The Wing Area if feet^2/sec.

The Normal Gross Weight of the Airplane in pounds lb.

The fuel capacity of the Airplane in gallons (gal) of aviation gasoline.

The Power-plant / Engine Hourse Power value (hp).

The Specific Fuel Consumption Value in lb/ (hp)(h)

The Parasite Drag Coefficient of the Airplane Cd,0 value.

The Value of the Oswald Efficiency Factor, e.

The Value of the Propeller Efficiency

And the Assumed Velocity in feet /sec.


Performing the Calculation, we get,

  • Value of the Lift Coefficient CL

  • Value of the Aspect Ratio of the Wing

  • The Value of the Total Drag Coefficient of the Airplane, Cd,0

  • The Lift to Drag Ratio of the Airplane (L/D) is computed.

  • And finally, the Value of Vmax is Computed.

A table is also generated which gives the value of CL, CD, L/D and Tr at different values of Velocity. The table also has got the maximum value Vmax of Propeller Airplane.


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