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 Calculate Moment about the Quarter-Chord Point Per Unit Span

 Method to Calculate the Moment about the Quarter Chord point per Unit Span with Constant Chord Placed in Low-Speed Wind Tunnel 





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Moment about Quarter Chord Point of Constant Chord Wing

In order to calculate the moment about the quarter chord point per unit span of a constant chord wing placed in a low-speed wind tunnel.



We must first have the value of the Wing Chord length (c) in meters.


We must also have the Flow velocity in the test section in meter/second.


The Angle of Attack of the Airfoil and the Lift Coefficient corresponding to that given AOA.


Also, the Value of the Moment Coefficient about the quarter-chord point is also required for the given angle of attack.


The value of meu = 1.789e-5 kg/ms is taken. The value of the Reynold's Number is entered.


Performing the calculation gives,

Moment about the quarter-chord point per unit span.

The formula used for Moment is M, c/4 = qSCm,c/4c

q = Dynamic Pressure, S = Wing Area, c= Chord, M= Moment.


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