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 Calculate Elongation Under Load

 Method to Calculate the Elongation under Load / Stress Analysis





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Elongation Under Load Calculation

In order to calculate the Elongation Under Load we must select the type of material that we are to used.



The five different kinds of Aircraft Materials include,

  • Aircraft Steel (5-Cr-M-V)

  • Stainless Steel (AM 350)

  • Aluminum 2024

  • Titanium (Ti-6Al-4V)

  • Inconel X-750

Furthermore, we must enter the Diameter in inches, the Length in inches and the Load in Tension lb (pounds).


Performing the Calculation, the Following parameters are achieved,

Cross-sectional Area of the Rod

Tensile Stress

From, Hooke's Law the Value of Elongation is calculated.


Download Free Program to Calculate the Elongation Under Load