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 Calculate Maximum Deceleration of Re-Entry Bodies, Value, Velocity at Impact

 Method to Calculate Altitude Maximum Deceleration, Its value and Velocity at Impact of Re-entry Body Solid Metal Sphere 





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Altitude Maximum Deceleration, Value, Velocity at Impact

In order to calculate the Altitude Maximum Deceleration of Solid Metal Sphere we need to have the value of Velocity in km/s with which the Metal Sphere is entering the Earth's atmosphere.



Also, we require the angle and the orientation (Below or above) the local horizontal with which its entering.


We must also know the Sphere Diameter in m (meters) the Drag Coefficient of Sphere CD, the Density in kg/m^3 and the Exponential Atmospheric Temperature in Kelvin. Furthermore, we must assume a value of Density row0.


Computing this, the following Parameters are acquired.

Ballistic Parameter m/ CD S

Z =g0/RT value

Corresponding Density

Altitude for Maximum Deceleration

Value for Maximum Deceleration

Velocity at Impact on the Earth's Surface and Mach Number of Sphere at Impact.

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