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 Calculate Static Margin of Airplane

 Method to Calculate the State Margin of the Airplane 





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Static Margin of Airplane

In order to Calculate the Longitudinal Static Stability of Airplane Model (wing body configuration) being testing in a sub-sonic wind tunnel.



We must first have the value at which the Lift is found to zero at geometric angle of attack, alpha


We must also have the Angle of Attack, AOA alpha value and the corresponding Lift Coefficient Cl at this AOA.


Furthermore, we must also have two additional alpha values and the corresponding Moment Coefficients about the center of gravity.


The center of gravity in terms of Mean aerodynamic chord c is then entered.



Now, the Aircraft design parameters are entered,

  • Area of the Wing in meters^2 (m^2)

  • Chord of the Wing (c)

  • Tail Moment Arm - Distance from Airplane's Center of Gravity to Tail's Aerodynamic Center

  • Tail Area

  • Tail Setting Angle

  • Tail Lift Slope

  • Epsilon and depsilon/dalpha values.

Performing the Calculation the Neutral Point Location is computed and then the Static Margin is computed.


The formula used in calculation for Static Margin is, Static Margin = hn-h


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