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 Is it End of F-117A Stealth Fighter






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What will be the Future of World's First Stealth Fighter:

F-117A Night Hawk

Technology advance with a unique technology - STEALTH made the F-117A stealth fighter famous all over the world. During the gulf war, it showed its lethal power as it easily penetrated the Iraqi airspace. But what about a more technology potent rival like Russia or Europe?. Would the F-117A stealth fighter be able to penetrate their airspace without detection. With the arrival of F-22A Raptor and JSF, both with supersonic flight capability, stealth and air-to-air combat capability not available in F-117A, the future looks bleak for the world's first stealth fighter.



The F-117A is given a fighter notion "F" despite it is a subsonic bomber. But with the arrival of the F-22A raptor with a true combat capability, the F-22A has become the world's first stealth fighter.
The drawbacks leading to the eventual demise of the F-117A have been seeded since its arrival in 1980s. The external fuselage shape although radical and brilliant which reflects and absorb radar waves is not aerodynamically efficient making the aircraft subsonic. Also, the engines in the F-117A are not capable of super cruise feature nor could they propel the aircraft to supersonic speeds. The drawback of only using the aircraft at night under the shade of darkness. What about a time critical situation which requires operation in daylight.


Despite the fact that the F-117A is by far advance than any other fighter-bomber aircraft of the world and could easily fight and survive in Asia, Africa and Pacific. But what about a more technology potent rival like Russia, China or even Europe. Since, 1980s when the stealth fighter first came on the same, efforts are been made in all of these three regions to develop radar technology and systems to detect the F-117A and in a recent unconfirmed news the French have develop a technology which could easily detect the F-117A. When its cover is blown, the F-117A can't do much. It has neither guns, nor air-to-air missiles to be used in case of an air battle. The military planners sitting in the Pentagon have realized the situation. Some of the planners in the Pentagon are saying to completely ground the entire fleet of 46 F-117A stealth fighters and use the money to buy more F-22 A Raptors. This act has clearly shown the Pentagon concern on the lethality and affectability of the F-117A in  a futuristic battle in Europe, Russia or China.