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 List of Aviation and Aerospace Engineering Schools and Universities from all over the World


 Aviation and Aerospace Engineering Schools and Universities





















Aviation Schools, Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Universities

Information on bachelor's, master's and PhD aerospace and aviation programs form all over the world. The universities and schools offer 4-year and 5-year bachelor programs, training courses, certificates and licenses in aviation. Furthermore, engineering programs include a 4-year and 5-year BS-MS programs in Aerospace, aeronautical, space and Astronautical engineering, space sciences. Furthermore, information on master's programs including 2 year and 1-year programs and scholarships and information on PhD programs are also mentioned.



List of Aviation, Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering Schools and Universities

North and South America

US - United States Canada Argentina Brazil
Colombia Chile Mexico  


France Germany Greece Poland
Portugal Ireland Italy Turkey
UK - United Kingdom Ukraine Spain Sweden
Netherlands Russia Serbia  


Pakistan China Indonesia India
Iran Taiwan Thailand Japan
Korea Malaysia Philippines Bangladesh

Middle East

Saudi Arabia Lebanon Israel Jordan
Dubai UAE      


Egypt Ghana South Africa