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 NASA Phoenix Successful Mars Polar Landing






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NASA Phoenix Successful Landing on the Martian Surface

NASA on Monday announced that the Phoenix Mars Lander has successful land on the Mars surface near the north pole of mars. This comes as a relief since only 5 of the previous 11 missions to land on mars have resulted in a success. The MARS Phoenix team from NASA were excited at the way the landing had proceeded and the whole mission center erupted in cheers of joy with the successful confirmation from the Mars Phoenix Rover.




The Mars Phoenix rover reach the surface of mars after 9 months of journey and will look for live on the Martian surface.The mission span or time for the mission of Phoenix is 3 months. It will dig for ice crystals on the Martian surface and find out about the climate of the Mars. Mars Phoenix mission is another great step by NASA on its continuing efforts to find about more about the red planet. The Mars Phoenix has successful deployed its solar panels after the reading and began to take photos of the surrounding mars surface. The Mars Phoenix has a robotic arm which it will use to dig the Martian surface. The Mars Phoenix rover has also special instruments which it will use to detect the chemical composition of the soil or ice crystals which NASA expects just below the Martian surface.