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       Aerospace, Aviation, Aeronautical Engineering Schools, Universities in Islamabad, Risalpur, Pakistan offering Bachelor, 
     Masters and PhD in Aerospace Engineering

Pakistan Aerospace Engineering Schools and Universities

Undergraduate BS BE, Graduate MS and PhD Programs in Aerospace Engineering in Pakistan

Aerospace Engineering Universities in South Africa offering Aerospace Engineering degree programs at bachelors (under-graduate), masters (graduate) and PhD levels. Aerospace Engineering diplomas, certification and degree options in aerospace in Pakistan.


Aerospace Engineering Universities in Islamabad, Pakistan

IST (Institute of Space Technology)

    IST or Institute of Space Technology offers Aerospace Engineering degree program at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics.. The Institute of space technology IST program BSc in Aerospace Engineering one of the best Aerospace Engineering programs in Asia. The university is the best aerospace university in South Asia and offers excellent learning and research opportunities in the field of Aerospace Engineering. The institute is rated as the best Aerospace engineering learning institute in Pakistan. The university offers a split-master program with Chinese university (Beihang University BUAA) offering MS degree program in Aerospace Engineering. IST offers,


·         BSc in Aerospace Engineering

·         MSc in Aerospace Engineering


Air University

     Air University Islamabad offers MS degree programs in the field of Aerospace Engineering in Pakistan. The programs offered are MS Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Aerospace Structures, Aerodynamics and Propulsion. An IAA (Institute of Aerospace and Avionics) is been established at the Air University Campus. The Aerospace program at Air university, is further supported by Pakistan Airforce. Air university offers,


·         MS in Aerospace Engineering


Aerospace Engineering Universities in Risalpur, Pakistan

CAE (College of Aeronautical Engineering)

    CAE or College of Aeronautical Engineering offers bachelor and masters degree program in the field of Aerospace Engineering. The university primarily provides aerospace engineers and scientists to Pakistan Airforce and is the oldest Aerospace institute in Pakistan. CAE offers,


·         BS Aeronautical Engineering 




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