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     Aerospace, Aviation, Aeronautical Engineering Schools, Universities in Rzeszow, Warsaw, Poland offering Bachelor,
     Masters and PhD in Aerospace Engineering 

Polish Aerospace Engineering Schools and Universities

Undergraduate BS BE, Graduate MS and PhD Programs in Aerospace Engineering in Poland

Aerospace Engineering Universities in Poland offering Aerospace Engineering degree programs at bachelors (under-graduate), masters (graduate) and PhD levels. Aerospace Engineering diplomas, certification and degree options in aerospace in Poland.


Aerospace Engineering University in Rzeszow, Poland

Rzeszow University of Technology

The faculty of mechanical engineering and aeronautics offers Aerospace engineering and aeronautics courses and degree programs in Poland. The course offered are,

Aeronautics and Space Technology with Aircraft, Aircraft Engines, Avionics and Pilotage.

Aeronautical students can gain skills in four areas of specialization.


  • Aircraft and Systems
  • Commercial Professional Pilot License (CLP)
  • Instrument and Multi-Engine (ME) ratings to become Multi-member crew (MCC)


Aerospace Engineering University in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw University of Technology

The field of Power and Aeronautical Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology located in Warsaw Poland has established the Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics. The research work conducted here are in the fields of airplane design, aerodynamics, aeronautical systems, automation, Aeroplanes and helicopters. The Institute of Aeronautics and Applied mechanics and the department of power of power and aeronautical engineering at the Warsaw university of technology offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs in the field of Aeronautical and aerospace engineering in Poland. 


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