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Propulsion Softwares 

These Softwares are used for Calculating different parameters relating to Internal Combustion, Turbofan, Turbojet (Jet engines), Rocket and Ramjet propulsion. The propulsion softwares are used for Aerospace Engineering and Design Applications.



EngineSim is a jet engine simulation software made by NASA Glen research center that simulates the design and testing of jet engines. Different parameters can be controlled in the Design Mode or Tunnel test mode of Jet engines and can be used to judge the performance of jet engines. In the Tunnel Test mode of the EngineSim simulates the testing of jet engine on a test stand.


MS Aximer Propulsion

MS Aximer Propulsion software can be used to calculate different design variables and performance measures of internal combustion engine, rocket engine, turbojet engine, turbofan engine and ramjet engine.


Propulsion Codes

Propulsion codes by Jack Mattingly co-author of the book AIAA Aircraft engine design book.



VMCA is a Matlab code that is able to calculate the minimum control speed of single engine jet powered airplane.


Propulsion Science and Technology

PST develops propulsion software (SPF) for rocketry propulsion and provide technical consulting related to rocketry technologies.




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