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RC Airplane

RC Gas Turbines or Model Jet Engines

Now-a-days, small miniature gas-turbine engines are also being used on Model RC Airplanes. These miniature jet engines or gas-turbine engines work on Jet-A fuel and should be flown only by expert pilots. These jet engines are costly and complicated. These jet engine powered RC Airplanes fly really fast in excess of 200 mph. Many amateurs have also developed their own model gas turbine engines by modifying super-chargers etc.


RC Airplane Hobby

But, the best way to start in RC Airplanes hobby is to get an electric powered RC Airplane. Once, familiarized with the electric power you can easily learn the gas-powered RC Airplanes and the fun donít stop there. They are literally very many types of RC Airplanes available which you can build from scratch using plans, or kits, or even start from scratch and make your own RC Airplane once you have learned the principles of RC Airplane design.

RC Airplane hobby is becoming popular around the world with the advent of cheap and more powerful electric or RC gas engines, more powerful and less recharge hungry batteries and low-cost radio systems. RC Airplanes can be flown in parks using park flyers but there are many clubs available all over the world where you can go to fly your RC Airplanes. The clubs gives you the advantage of a landing strip and you can share your passion and experience of RC Airplanes with others.

RC Airplanes are increasing being used by government, semi-government, private and public companies by mounting sophisticated electronics on-board. These planes are categorized differently and are called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVís). These planes are used for advertising, communications, reconnaissance, information gathering, surveillance, weather information and more.

You can also enjoy aerial photo imagery using your own RC Airplanes. Many small cameras are available in the market for RC Airplane use which you can mount on-board your own RC Airplane and capture aerial imagery, record video or do surveillance on others ;).


Types of RC Airplanes

Trainer RC Airplanes

There are many different kinds of RC Airplanes which offer different flight characteristics. The best way to start in RC Airplanes hobby is to start off using a Trainer RC Airplanes. Trainer RC Airplanes are the most easy to fly but fly them in calm weather and a great way to learn about all the different components and parts of your RC Airplanes.

Park Flyers RC Airplanes

Other types include park flyers which are designed so you can fly them in parks, hand-held and small they are also great fun.


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