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Types of RC Airplane

Aerobatic RC Airplanes

For thrill junkies, there are aerobatic RC Airplanes which you can use to do all kind of amazing aerobatic stuff like barrel rolls, loops, turns, banks, high speed dive and 360, 540 rolls. There is another kind of flight that has evolved over time its known as 3D flight where you fly the airplane below the stall speed. Remember, the word ďStallĒ is dangerous for your RC Airplane and it can cause your RC Airplane to crash but 3D flight is a special kind of flight where you fly your RC Airplanes not on the wings (Wings are the primary lift generating device on the RC Airplanes like birds) but instead fly the RC Airplane on the propeller.



RC Glider Airplanes

Other types of RC Airplanes include RC Gliders or RC Soar-planes which donít use electric motor or gas engines but rather glide using thermal or air. A popular method of flying RC gliders is through the use of dynamic soaring.

Flying Wing RC Airplanes

Many new shapes have also come into the RC Airplane scene these include flying wing RC Airplanes which donít have a tail or conventional tail control.

RC Ornithopters or RC Flying Birds Airplanes

Some RC Airplanes mimic the bird flight just like a bird flaps its wings these flyers known as RC flying birdís airplanes or RC Ornithopters. They fly by flapping and rotating the wings through a mechanism to generate lift.

RC Flying Saucer Airplanes

Some new designs of RC Airplanes have come up which mimic UFO (unidentified flying objects). These RC Airplanes are designed like a flying saucer or flying discs. These are known as RC UFO planes or RC flying saucer airplanes.

RC Blended Wing Body Airplanes

A recent addition to RC Airplane scene is a design known as BWB RC Airplane. BWB or (Blended Wing Body) RC Airplanes are aerodynamically efficient flyers but still there designs are in early stages.


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