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RC Airplane

RC Airplane Kits

It is possible to purchase pre-built RC Airplanes from RC hobby shops or you can build RC Airplanes from different kits and plans. There are many different kinds of kits that are available in the market for RC Airplanes.



RTF (Ready to Fly) RC Airplane Kits

These include RTF (Ready to Fly) kits which have got all the pre-assembled parts together and require little assembly work. These kitís can be used to make RC Airplane in an hour or so.


ARTF (Almost Ready to Fly) RC Airplane Kits

Other types of RC Airplane kits include ARTF or (Almost Ready to Fly) RC Airplane kits which require some assembly work to be done.  They require 20+ hours of work to be done before the RC Airplane is ready to fly.


Balsa Kits

Other kits available in the market include Balsa kits with different skill levels. These kitís have parts which can be cut using a die-cut or by using laser cutting.

From Plans or Scratch

RC Airplanes can be built from plans or from scratch. A large number of plans are available in the market of different types of RC Airplanes. The plans contain a drawing of the complete RC Airplane and its components. The parts have to be cut to the shape mentioned in the fuselage and to be made of the same size as that mentioned in the plan. Rest of the building is same as assembly in which all the components are glued and joined together building an RC Airplane.


Scratch building RC Airplane involves considerable knowledge of airplane design although many general rules and tips can be used to easily build flyable RC Airplanes without having to do to much of mathematics. Experience RC Airplane enthusiasts will generally make their own RC Airplane kits from scratch. Scratch building is the real fun of the RC Airplane hobby and building a flyable RC Airplane from scratch is a sure delight. Scratch building RC Airplane involves the design phase of the RC Airplane where the design of the RC Airplane is carried out. This involves the conceptual design, preliminary design and detail design of RC Airplane.

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