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Parts of RC Airplane

The parts of the RC Airplane include,


Fuselage is the main structural element of the RC Airplane or the body of the RC Airplane. The Wing, Horizontal and Vertical Tail are connected to the fuselage. The Engine is also mounted to the fuselage. The fuselage is made up of bulk-heads. The bulk-heads are structural members which give strength and rigidity to the fuselage, support load and weight of the RC Airplane.



The Engine bulk-head is made relatively stronger as compared to other bulk-heads of RC Airplane fuselage because it carriers the load of the engine as well as encounters vibrations during engine operation so it must be strong to resist all the loads. The nose gear and main landing gear are also connected to the fuselage. The fuselage also houses all the electronic components necessary for RC Airplane flight including ESC (electronic speed controller) in case of electric RC Airplane, Receiver, Servos, Batteries and fuel tank in case of gas powered RC Airplane. External or internal payloads are also carried inside the fuselage. The fuselage can be used to connect an external camera for example or to carry some payload inside the RC Airplane.


Wings are the main lifting body of the RC Airplane providing the lift necessary for RC Airplane flight. The wing provides lift because of its aerodynamic shape which creates a pressure differential causing lift. If a cross-section of the wing is cut, a shape or profile is visible which is called an airfoil. Airfoil shape is the key to the wings ability to provide lift and is airfoil selection and design is an important criterion in the design of RC Airplanes. The front most edge of the wing is known as leading edge and the aft most edge of the wing is known as the trailing edge. There are typically three kinds of airfoils which are used on RC Airplanes namely, symmetrical airfoils, semi-symmetrical airfoils and heavily cambered airfoils. On the wing are mounted the flaps and ailerons.



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