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Field Equipment for RC Airplane Flying

So you are all ready to fly your RC airplane model but wait remember to get hold of your field equipment before you go to the flying field.




So what is field equipment. Field equipment are actually a set of tools and stuff that would be helpful to you if in your rc airplane something got broke or you need something else like more fuel for your rc airplane.


You are put all your field equipment into one box something called a flight box which you can buy. Remember, to carry with you the following field equipment before you go the flying field.


There include the all important electric starter for your RC Airplane model. Electric starter is a safer alternative to other methods of starting your rc airplane. If you have one remember to take it with you.

Furthermore, you should carry a spare bottle of rc airplane fuel with you. If you have good conditions you would like to fly for longer period of time in that case, you would have fuel with you. An adjustable wrench always comes in handy if something gets loose and screwdrivers are more often needed if you got some screw loosed. Besides this always keep a spare propeller with you doing the trip whether your rc airplane is pusher or tractor, it doesn't matter and a spare propeller will always come in handy.


Remember, also to go the field with a friend. A friend will not only make your trip more enjoyable but you can use his help in checking your rc airplane before the flight.




Another other thing that you feel important for the trip should  be put in the box with you. Remember, you should have a proper box with you which is properly labeled because i have seen more often then not that many a times something gets forgotten on the field by people how just put things in the box randomly and these people start asking others for help. Its always great to be self sufficient so be self sufficient. Besides, this you will make your life more easy the next time you go on the trip as you already have all the things with you.