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     Information on the National Space Agency and Space Program of Bangladesh

Bangladesh National Space Agency - SPARRSO

The Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARRSO) is the national space agency of Bangladesh. It is responsible for all space related activities of Bangladesh.


SPARRSO was established in 1980 as an Research and Development organization by the government of Bangladesh. It provides,


  • Advisory services to the Government of Bangladesh in the field of space sciences and technology and advisory expert services as well.
  • Promotes the application of remote sensing, space sciences and Geographic information services (GIS) in Bangladesh.
  • Collaboration with other space agencies of the world
  • Disseminates research data and results to different organizations in the country.
  • Trains man power in space sciences.


Facilities of SPARRSO of Bangladesh,


  • GIS and Image Processing
  • Meteorological Satellite ground Station (SGS)
  • Advanced photographic, cartographic and hardware maintenance laboratories


Other activities of SPARRSO include agricultural, forestry, disaster monitoring, GIS, fisheries, water resources and oceanography research.


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