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     Information on the National Space Agency and Space Program of Netherlands

Netherlands National Space Agency SRON

The Netherlands Institute for Space Research or Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON) is the national space agency of Netherlands or Dutch.


It is responsible for all space related activities of Netherlands and acts as a focal point for collaboration of Norway with ESA (European Space Agency). SRON was established in 1983 and in 2005 the name was changed to Netherlands institute for space research. SRON is a part of Netherlands organization for scientific research (NWO) and primary areas of research include astrophysics and earth system sciences. The SRON is also a center of expertise in the development of satellite instruments. SRON has two laboratories: Utrecht and Groningen. The research lines include,


  • Low-Energy Astrophysics
  • High-Energy Astrophysics
  • Atmospheric Composition and Chemistry
  • Planetary Research


SRON has developed the computer system for Gravity Field and Steady State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE).


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