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 Are Space Serpents a Myth or a Reality






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Space Serpents :: Mysterious UFO Creatures

Space Serpents are not a mythical creature but creatures that are believed to be living in the upper atmosphere. Are they a reality? Do something like a space serpents really exist? How do they live? What do they eat? Although, we don't know all the answers but footage from Space Shuttle missions and other ground footage show some kind of thing wobbling around in the upper atmosphere. Although, NASA and other scientist deny their existence but what about all the video proof spurning about them all over the world.



Space serpents video "proof" where shown in the documentary "Space Secrets" a couple of year ago. The scientist widely believe that it is impossible for life to exist in the upper atmosphere due to the high level of gamma radiation and sun radiation but then again life can sprung up in the unexpected places. Like in the depths of the oceans, where there is no light and no photosynthesis, life exists so it is definitely possible for some kind of creature to be living in the upper atmosphere. Reject there existence is not the answer and the scientist should look more deeply in to this matter.
Supporters of Space serpents say that these creatures wobble around in space. They gather energy from the sun and use some kind of photosynthesis for their food. While, people of NASA when given videos of them have clearly denied their existence. Whatever the reality, we still don't know everything about the world and especially space. The spirit of discovery and research would eventually guide us and solve our curiosity of space serpents.