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 What is the Difference between Airplane and a Space Vehicle 

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Airplane and Space Vehicle

An aircraft flies inside the earth atmosphere. In order to fly within the atmosphere, the aircraft have wings, tail and so on. An aircraft normally utilize air breathing engines which means that the engines use air from the atmosphere like jet engines and piston engines etc.


space vehicle typically has an intention to fly to the outer atmosphere or to operate outside the earth's atmosphere or space. Almost all space launch vehicles use rockets or boosters which carry with them there supply of oxygen as there are little or no atmosphere above 100 km of the surface of the earth. Also in space there is no oxygen, so a space launch vehicle usually carries with itself both fuel and oxidizer and are normally rockets or boosters. An example of space vehicle is a space shuttle which has both the abilities to fly to space and can glide inside the earth atmosphere. Other space vehicles are mainly designed to operate in space e.g space station and so on. A booster rocket is most popular form of propulsion of space vehicle when it comes to using solid fuel as rocket propellant while liquid oxygen and hydrogen are increasingly used in rockets in the part of liquid fueled rocket engines.