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 Would Getting a Doctorate Degree in Aerospace Engineering be enough to Become an Astronaut 




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Getting a doctorate degree in Aerospace Engineering would do you no good if you wish to become an astronaut. Building space-shuttles and space stations is different from flying them. If you wish to build space-shuttle and space station you should get a doctorate degree or master level degree in Aerospace engineering.


But if you wish to become an astronaut you need to join the Airforce. Normally, astronauts are chosen from the Airforce. Then NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in US, RKA (Russian Federal space agency) in Russia, CNSA (Chinese National Space Administration) in China trains them for the mission. Astronauts, Cosmonauts and Tikonauts are trained by there respective organizations. Sometimes, engineers also go to space to the space station and become astronaut in the process. They definitely have a doctorate degree but normally go into space only for experiments that are to be conducted there. These are known as specialists. But, you still have to be super medically fit, flight ready and flight capable before you can expect to go into space. Another way to become an astronaut is that if you have large amounts of money say millions of dollars you can go to the International Space station as a space tourist and you can call yourself an astronaut then.