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Best Strategies and Tips for making a successful Aerospace Job Application

Before you start dreaming of a job at your dream aerospace company, you need to be realistic and start preparing well in advanced for the job position you wish to apply at the aerospace company.

Since, aerospace is a specialized field with many different disciplines like propulsion, flight control, aerodynamics, structures, navigation and control, CFD, FEM and more. you need to narrow down your choices of what field you wish to apply. This narrowing down of search will depend upon on your previous knowledge. Say, if you have prior experience in CFD or aerodynamics you may want to apply for a job position in aerodynamics. You must not switch your fields as this may cause your previous experience to become useless to you and you may have to start all over again.

For young graduates, especially those fresh out of there aerospace university programs it is important to list all the companies in your region who are in any way associated with the field of Aerospace or aerospace engineering. Since, you are starting your professional career you can jump to any discipline you like e.g. propulsion, aerodynamics or structures but remember your choice should depend on your interest and previous experience if any. Many job interviewers take a look at your final year project or your subject projects along with your grades to determine the best position for you at the company.

I can't emphasized more on the importance of having a professional curriculum vitae CV or resume. Please make your CV company specific rather than general. This could increase your chances of getting the job at the company. When most aerospace jobs come, there is mentioned a list of requirements and specifications for the job i.e. how much qualification is needed for this job, the years of experience for the job and so forth. You should read these requirements carefully and understand what the employer is looking for. Tailor you CV to match the requirements. Mention the things that may interest the employer rather than mentioning your achievements. Because the employer is interested in getting the job done rather than appreciating your work.


A good professional CV fulfilling requirements, you can sure expect to see a response from your employer pretty soon. After making your CV and fulfilling the other requirements for the job post your application early. The chances are that you can get a better response earlier than later. Also, it is important that you shouldn't send incomplete application either which lacks the required qualifications or requirements or if there is mentioned that you will complete this requirement by that date.


Most employers are impatient. So, they may reject the application on account of incomplete information or requirement and move to another application. This can cause depression, or you may start thinking am i capable enough or not. The simple fact is that complete all the requirements of the job and then apply otherwise you would be hoping for too much. Best luck for your job hunting.




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