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        Guide to make a Professional, clean, Impressive Curriculum Vitae CV or Resume for a Successful Job Application   

Guide to making an Impressive CV or Resume

Aerospace Focused CV (curriculum vitae / resume) is important for you if you are applying for an Aerospace job. The reason why I'm saying aerospace focused is that aerospace is a specialized discipline with many different fields.

The CV you should make should reflect the kind of aerospace job experience or qualification that you have for the job.


Major sections of an Aerospace Focused CV are,


1. Contact Information

2. Job Experience

3. Qualification

4. Projects Completed

5. Language requirements (if any)

6. Certifications / Licenses


These are some parts of an aerospace focused CV. Nothing above is useless and nothing is excessive. Your CV should reflect you but most of all it should reflect what you have for getting the job done because that is what the employer is looking for "to get the job done" rather than anything else to say it plainly.


First of all, i must tell you that the CV for an aerospace job is specific rather than general. You must not feel happy that you have made a professional CV and start sending it to every other company and hoping to get a response from them. After a few tries you would find that you have wasted your time as only a few of them will response to you. The reason is that the employer is not setting there to admire your achievements or your qualifications. He is setting there to find a person who he thinks is capable of getting the job done. Simple, isn't it. Try to take a look at your CV from an employer's perspective. Think why should you accept this applicant. You may find all the answers there.


When aerospace jobs come, there request a set of requirements or specifications for the job. Make a list of all the jobs that you wish of apply and list all there requirements and specifications. Once, this is done, you can now start preparing your curriculum vitae CV.


You can have the same contact information for all your CV's but please make sure you mention your email address, name, phone and address so that they may contact you. Write your name in bold letters and make it visible.


The second section is the most important. It is the Job experience section. If your job experience matches those that are required for the job the employer may even neglect other the other sections and move you to the list of prospective candidates. If you have matched the job experience that is required for the job you have more than 50% secured your chances of getting the job.


The third section should mention your qualification. List carefully putting in the order of what is requirements of the job is saying. Don't list from start to finish. List your qualification based on the job requirements say your professional degree, certificates, licenses and so forth.


The projects completed section should match your job experience. This is your way of saying to the employer that this is the work that i have completed previously. You should list only the projects that may interest the employer. Don't list every other project that you have done. Doing this may overwhelm the employer and confuse him of what you are trying to say.


Finally, if you are applying for a company that requires some specific language requirements for example French, German etc or a language that is not native to you e.g. English you should mention your language capability. You need to communicate to other people right so mention justly.


Certificates and Licenses are especially important if you are applying for maintenance or quality inspection or manufacturing jobs in Aerospace. You should mention the certificates, licenses that you have for the job considering the specific job requirements.




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