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      Guide to Preparation and Strategies to pass the Aerospace Job Test with flying colors... 

Preparation Guide and Strategies for an Aerospace Job Test

Sometimes, when you apply for an aerospace job it is required the employer would carry out an assessment tests followed by an interview. You shouldn't take these tests lightly.

Besides, giving your employer a good CV, if the employer you to take the assessment test you should prepare for it. For some companies, the tests would test your previous knowledge including questions from different aerospace subjects including propulsion, structure, aerodynamics, astronautics, heat transfer or more. These tests are basically designed to narrow down the list of applicants. You should get a required number of marks in order for you to be called as passed. Sometimes, the assessment tests are slightly different testing qualitative, analytical or computational skills. Some tests check IQ ability while others are designed to test your English capability or other language capability in order  for the job.

To prepare for the Aerospace job test, you need to focus on each subject separately. As these tests will cover your entire aerospace course, so you should focus on each and every subject. Spending too much time on a single subject would make your preparation in-complete. Focus on the main subjects like Aerodynamics, Structures, Propulsion and some time heat transfer or mechanical design as most of the questions will come from these fields.


Remember, also to review your basic physics, mathematics and English as these may come handy during the tests. Sometimes, calculators are not allowed so you should be well versed in basic computational skills so you don't waste time on computations etc.


Get a good night sleep before the test date. This will ensure that your body and mind is relaxed and ready for the test.




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