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Guide to Preparing for an Aerospace Job Interview

Before you start working in your dream Aerospace job, you must go through the most important and difficult part of any job process namely the job interview. 


In this article, we will look into what kind of people an Aerospace company is looking to hire. We will look into what particular traits and qualities they want in a person. We will also look into matters that how much weight age do employers give to personality and career skills.


Let me start by saying that getting a job isn't easy especially in Aerospace. You can't expect to apply for an ad in the newspaper and guess what you start working in your dream company the very next day. It doesn't happen like this. You need to prepare for an Aerospace job and most importantly you must prepare for the aerospace job interview. Let's look at what kind of qualities and questions you might expect from an interviewer. Imagine yourself to be the interviewer and see what he looks:


These 30 points hold in them the key to a successful job interview especially for an Aerospace job. You might be surprised that even in a limited amount of time say 10-15 minutes an interviewer can judge you as to what you have bring to the table. Before we go into deep into this matter, take a moment to review all these 30 points and ask yourself what would your answer be to this question. Also, remember, it is sometimes a fatal mistake that people who are over confidence either because of there previous career or otherwise can go negatively in your favor or thinking of the interviewer as either a stupid or less knowledgeable can also quickly lead to your rejection.


Career Skills for an Aerospace Job

      The number 1 thing an Aerospace employer would be looking into is what are your career skills. Do you possess the required qualification for the job. What kind and number of degrees do you have. Have you got any certification or have you done any courses. What kind of Aerospace Softwares are you fluent with. Important point to notice is that if you don't have the required career skills for the job or you don't show it to them you simply get rejected. So, don't be shy showing off your career skills. Remember, they will only hire a person how can do there job.


What do they look for in Aerospace Job seeker?

    This question is very important and this is the question you must ask yourself what are they looking for. Asking this question correctly, you have a fairly good chance of getting the job. At present, you must realize that as in many other companies and organizations, many multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people are working under the same roof. So, any aerospace employer won't be ready to offer you a job if you can't work with people from multi-ethnic backgrounds. A good personality and communication is a must to have a successful job and career in today's aerospace companies. They are also looking that you should be religious tolerant and you shouldn't discriminate. They are also looking for good career skills. Most importantly, they look for magic word "TEAM PLAYER". You can't make an airplane on your own. you need a team and being a team player would surely brighten your chances for the aerospace job.


What you have for an Aerospace Job?

    What stuff you bring unique to the table any aerospace job interviewer will assess. What makes you different from all the other candidates. Most important point to remember here is that you should bring a mix bag of goodies to the table i mean to say, good career skills, good communication and personality skills, team player, motivated, dedicated for the job. You must realize, you won't get a job even if you have exceptional skills and qualification but only planning to stay in this job for a couple of months. There's no need for a guy who would leave the company after a couple of months and leave there projects in the middle. You must show that you are desire and dedication for the job.


How there's a match for an Aerospace Job?

    Important question especially for young graduates or young job seekers. You must ask yourself is there any match for the job you are applying and the qualification you possess. Say if you have done Aerospace engineering and you are applying for an electronics job do you expect to get a job? Seriously, read the aerospace job advertisement. Say what they have said in there advertisement and see how there's a match with your qualifications and applicability for the job.


Specific Job Requirements for an Aerospace Job?

    Most of the time, many jobs come in aerospace which require specific job requirements. Fulfilling these requirements will surely brighten your chances for the job. If you have applied blindly for any such job without fulfilling the specific job requirements don't expect to here a response from the Aerospace employer it won't come.


Aerospace Curriculum Vitae CV or Aerospace Resume Preparation?

    Aerospace curriculum vitae or CV or resume as it is sometimes called is another important thing. Most of the time for an aerospace job you sent to the company your CV first. They review your CV and sent to a response for the interview. So, you see that the CV is actually representing you. Impress the employer through your CV and you should surely here a response from them and that too pretty early. An important thing to remember before making your aerospace job CV. Remember, there is no general CV especially for an Aerospace which you will sent to many companies. Don't do this this is a big mistake. You need to make a specific CV for every specific aerospace job that you are applying. Focus on what the job wants in your CV.


How to impress an Aerospace Job Interviewer?

    As I already said, what do you bring to the table of an aerospace job interviewer. If you have bring something amazing to the table that sets you aside from the crowd you surely have done your job and have impressed the aerospace job interviewer.  Remember, also you can't impress the interviewer that how good you are in baseball when you are trying to get an aerospace job. Everything should connect right? So impress him by showing your research work and publications and any work that you can associate with the job that you are trying to get. Get this done right and you have done your job to impress the Aerospace job interviewer.


What not to say in an Aerospace Job Interview?

    Many people don't do well in an interview because they don't know what not to say in an Aerospace job interview. Speaking what ever comes into your mind is the single biggest mistake made by many job seekers which cost them badly. An aerospace job interviewer is reviewing your record and probing you in the process. He is looking for both good and bad. Showing your bad points to him can ruin your chances to getting your dream aerospace job. Successfully, hide your weak points and convert weaknesses to your advantage can brighten your chances. Never, say for example that i didn't work hard enough in that subject when i was doing aerospace engineering. Or that I'm not good communicating with people. Never, say these things even if you know that they exist. An aerospace job interviewer is thinking in his mind why he shouldn't hire you so don't give him excuses to reject you. Play tactfully.


What will you do if you get this Aerospace Job. What will you don't if you don't get this Aerospace Job?

    A sure question you can expect in any interview especially for an aerospace job. Write down your answer to both of these questions. Important thing to remember, show you interest and devotion for the job in hand. Even, if they ask you what will you do if we don't give you this job. Don't take it negatively play tactfully and give an answer showing your interest, passion and devotion for the job and show that you are prepared to acquire any knowledge and qualification that you need to get in order to reapply for the job and that you are completely focused towards this aerospace job.


What makes you the best candidate for this Aerospace Job?

    The hidden motive behind asking you this question is to judge your personality. Don't take the interviewers as fools they are professionals and they are perfectly capable of judging you. So, the only reason to ask you this question is to see your personality. When asked this question, don't pull down the leg of any of your colleagues. Don't say that I'm better than that guy or girl. That's exactly what they are trying to let you say. Play tactfully and safely in this question and don't try to judge any of your colleagues.


What are your best skills for this Aerospace Job?

    When faced with this question highlight and spent more time on the skills pertinent to the job in hand. Focus only on the skills that are required for the job and tell them how with your skills you fit into the big picture. This is an important question and like always remember, you have limited time to every question so highlight only the skills that your employer requires for the Aerospace job you are applying.


What are your worst points?

    Another personality question you can expect when appearing in an Aerospace job interview. Answer this question very carefully any worst points that you show to your employer will give him more chances to reject you so don't give him the opportunity. Describe some faults that have nothing to do with CAREER SKILLS, COMMUNICATION SKILLS, RELIGIOUS, DISCRIMINATION, LEARNING, TEAM PLAYER etc. The reason that i have capitalized these is that you should say my worst point is that i don't have this skill or I'm not a team player. An easy answer to this question is that i can't study when music is being played Or i can't concentrate on my work when there people are chatting loudly.


Team Player Importance for an Aerospace Job?

    Team player the magic word. It is the job of an aerospace interviewer to judge you and to find out if you are a team player or not. Don't highlight that i can do the entire job on your own. Highlight, that you love teams and you are able to work well with both hard working and lazy members of the team (every team has them :) ). You are able to bring them all to the same table.


Initiative Importance for an Aerospace Job?

    Do you have initiative? Are you a person that only does a job when somebody tells him what to do? Today's aerospace companies and organizations are very dynamic. If you don't take or have initiative you can't survive. Show to your aerospace job interviewer that you posses initiative and you don't get bough down when something isn't working right. you take initiative and get the job done.


Hardwork and Devotion for an Aerospace Job?

    People respect hard work and devotion as do aerospace companies. If you ain't the best candidate of the lot but if you are hardworking and dedicated person you sure have much better chances of getting the job. So show that you are hardworking and devoted individual who loves doing hardwork not for the money but for the shear pleasure of it. Remember, also don't over do this as they may cause your employer to thing of you as a fake.


Religious Tolerant Orientation for an Aerospace Job?

    You can expect many different people from different ethnic backgrounds and religions working in the same company and under the same roof. So, if you are not religiously tolerant or if you are discriminating you can't expect a job today in any aerospace company even if you are high qualified and professional.


Gender Discrimination Important for an Aerospace Job?

    Do you differentiate between men and women. Don't show that you have any gender discrimination and that you can equally work well and respect any gender in your aerospace job.


Fieldwork for an Aerospace Job?

    Sometimes some specific job requirement may ask you if you are capable of doing fieldwork. You shouldn't shy from fieldwork jobs and show that you are equally good on both in job and field work jobs.


Academic Weakness Importance in Aerospace Job?

    An another question asked by the employer to give him the reasons to reject you. You shouldn't show any academic weakness. Highlight your learning and research ability and capability and show that you are continuing with further education and qualifications.


Grades in specific subjects. Importance in aerospace  job and interview?

    Sometimes, important for young graduates applying in there first aerospace job. Say if a job has come in flight control systems and you haven't done well in that subject show him what other qualification and learning you have done in order for him to consider you for this job.


Personality in Aerospace job interview

    Personality is extremely important in any job interview. Having a pleasant personality will not help in having a learning and enjoyable experience in your interview but will also give you the opportunity to sent your message across.


Communication capability in Aerospace job?

    Communication skills are extremely important. Show that you have all requisite communication skills. You have done language courses such as IELTS or TOEFL. Sometimes, learning a foreign language such as French or German can be sure advantage and would definitely brighten your chances if you are applying in a European country.


Being receptive to the aerospace job interviewer

        Answer what he is asking you. Be receptive for what the aerospace job interviewer ask you and remember in your answer to cover the specific subject that he asked.


Appreciating the work in aerospace job interview

        You should generously appreciate the work of the company that you are applying. No body loves to hear bad news about them. so appreciate there work in your interview.


Handling emergencies in aerospace job

        Sometimes, emergencies arrive if you are suppose applying for a lab or field work job. Show that you are safety conscious and for you safety comes first. Show that you are a responsible individual who thinks about the safety of yourself and of others.


Keeping quite in Aerospace job interview

        Balance in speak is really important. Don't talk too long as this may cause the subject to be lost. Keep quite is sometimes essential especially if you very talkative. Don't speak when others are speaking especially the interview. Listen to what he say and don't ignore what he is telling you. this is important.


Speaking when required only in an Aerospace job interview

        Sometimes, speaking when required only is important in aerospace job interview. When you are asked something ask them precisely and logically. A simple, precise and logical answer is much better than giving long explanations. Furthermore, try to answer questions instinctively rather than thinking about them. It's difficult to answer instinctively but if you practice you would surely impress your interviewer and brighten your chances for the job.


Not offending in Aerospace job interview

        It's extremely important not to offend anyone in an interview room even if you don't like them. Be patient and tolerant and people will respect you. Offend someone and sure will leave away an impression which will cause you to find another aerospace job. So be careful.


Show leadership qualities and attributes in Aerospace job interview

        Another magic word. Leadership qualities and attributes are extremely important in today's aerospace companies were risk is part of the game. Taking risk requires leadership and understanding. so you should show your employer that you possess leadership qualities and you are risk taker but not at the risk of the company.


Respect values of Company in Aerospace Job.

        Finally, show respect for the values of the company. Be aware of company values and policies and respect them.


Finally, i would like to say that if you keep these points in mind you will hopefully find a very good job in Aerospace engineering as well as any other job opportunity. Happy job hunting!!




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